Car Dealing Books

Deals on Wheels

You might remember Channel 4s really quite good TV show of the same name. I was slightly involved with it for bit and even got a poncey executive producer title at one point. First though I wrote the book of the series in 1999. Sadly I did not make the cover though Mike Brewer and Richard Sutton did. It is still quite useful with How To Buy type information and a review of the top 50 used buys in different categories. So there are a lot of 80s and 90s icons (Rover 200, 911, Mini and other Bangernomics legends) plus buying checklists. Relive the 90s for just £5.99 although it actually cost £7.99 back then so you are up on the deal which was the whole point of the book.

Dealing with Car Dealers

In 1987 I wrote this book detailing for the first time how new and used car dealers operated. I must admit that it all looks a bit dated now, but it does contain information about negotiations and getting a good deal that is still relevant. Incredibly for one of my books it was reprinted and so I do have some spare as new copies, though not that many. It cost a mere £2.95 back then and I am not asking much more now. Indeed for just £4.99 I will stick it in an envelope if you click on the button below, or you may just find one in your local charity shop for 5p, if not less.


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