Spencer Haze Time Travel Watch

The first digital display watches became available in the early '70s and Spencer Haze loved them. So he decided to launch a range of affordable timepieces of his own. Unfortunately he was frozen for 27 years and the plans were put to one side. However, the Spencer Haze Organisation commissioned a replica of the original design.

The distinctive fat case and rubber strap were way ahead of its time. True to the original there is no constant display, the wearer has to interact with the watch by pressing a button, because of the immense battery power required to make the light emitting diodes, er light up. When the button is pressed the time, date and seconds are displayed, please see the film below. 

Each Spencer Haze Time Travel Digital LED Watch is supplied in a presentation Time Capsule Tin and will have a signed certificate of authenticity from Spencer Haze himself. Each Time Travel Timepiece is individually numbered. The 1967 Transit van carrying the first consignment of watches was hijacked and all the contents taken. A reward is offered by the Spencer Haze Organisation for the safe return of these unique Time Travel Timepieces.

Please note that the specification may change without notice.

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